Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Practice

We had the best Halloween practice ever last week! It is tradition for us to dress up one practice near Halloween. It is also tradition for the girls to have group costumes by class. This Halloween, we had the weekend off. We trained hard on Friday and Sunday to simulate a regular season weekend. Saturday was our light day, so we dressed up and had a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt probably ended up being more fitness than a Saturday practice.

The freshmen dressed as Noah’s Ark. With all the rain we have had this season, it was very appropriate. Kailee was Noah complete with a beard, robe, boat, and dove. The roommates dressed as pairs of animals. Rock and Trappey were rabbits. Vanessa and Laura were turtles. LP and Brandi were lions. Jane Owen and Spencer were peacocks. There was no guessing who they were or what they were. Their costumes were elaborate and detailed.

The juniors were Sesame Street characters. Patience was Burt. JayTro – Ernie, Marcela – Elmo, Maddie – cookie monster, Erica – the count (with fangs and a cape). Jess was, appropriately, Big Bird. I loved her hair, whatever it was. Unfortunately, they were missing Oscar the Grouch because Lydia had H1N1.

The seniors were characters from Saturday Night Live. Alex looked exactly like Mary Catherine Gallagher. Annie was a good Sarah Palin or Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin with the flute for the talent portion of the interview. I don’t know the name of Renee’s character, but she “Needed more cowbell.” Funny. Bublis was Justin Timberlake. If you are not sure what Justin Timberlake character she was, here is a hint. She was wearing a box around her waist. It was hilarious!

The sophomores not only had an eerie costume, but they had a choreographed dance to go with it. I think they were called the Jabberwockis. Unfortunately, due to a generation gap, I am not certain of who this dance group is, but I think they are on a dance show on MTV. They were in black sweats with hoods and baseball hats, bandanas, and white masks. They looked like a good bank robber movie. The sophomores did not show up to our meeting place in the loading dock. They called me to meet them in the dance studio. When the team got up there, they did a dance that they had gotten some moves from a movie we watched on one of the first road trips. I think it was Step Up 2 or something. The dance was awesome!

After the dance, the girls had to run around Belmont getting pictures of Athletes House – drinking water, Bongo Java – bussing a table, Circle K – pumping gas, etc. It was Preview Day, so they even had to involve some visiting families in their quest. The sophomores got bonus point for getting Dr. Fisher in one of their pictures.

After the scavenger hunt, there was one more thing to do. The freshmen had to sing their song. Every year, we have a freshman song. We usually do it at the beginning of the year, but I forgot during pre-season, so they got to wait and do it at the end of season. Their song was to the tune of Andy Sandberg’s, “I’m on a Boat.” It was a great way to end the greatest Halloween practice of all time!

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