Monday, November 30, 2009

Community Service

Every semester the team participates in a community service event. We have done several free soccer clinics for young kids. The team has volunteered at the Country Music Marathon and the Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. Last weekend, we planted trees in east Nashville.

Working with the girls on projects like this gives me an opportunity to learn more about them. I learned that they had no idea how to plant a tree. I was not much more informed, but at least I know that you have to dig a hole deeper and wider than the roots of the tree. We split up into several small groups and planted 30 trees in less than 2 hours. The trees were planted on a street that I use often. I am so excited about driving past the trees almost on a daily basis and watching them grow. My family was in town for Thanksgiving, and I pointed out the exact 3 trees I planted (with Sari and Morgan) every time we drove by them.

Belmont is decorated for Christmas. They started decorating after Halloween. There will be a lighting ceremony on Monday. Belmont looks beautiful from Wedgewood with the white lights on Inman, Massey, Freeman, and Infinity. There is also a huge Christmas tree with colorful lights outside the Curb Event Center on Belmont Blvd. It is very pretty.

The Belmont campus has grown and improved so much in a short amount of time. During the fall season, we had 5 cranes on campus at one time. We are down to 3 cranes right now. I have watched Belmont build 3 new dorms, a nursing building, and a pharmacy building in 5 years. I have also witnessed the student population increase from 4000 to 5000 students.

I don't think Belmont has been able to add the same amount of parking spaces. In fact, spaces have been lost due to new buildings and construction. Most of the freshmen used to be able to park next to their dorms but now have to park in the Curb Event Center Parking Deck. I used to be able to drive once around the deck and find a spot pretty easily. Now, I spend much more time in the morning driving around the parking deck and walking to the building. I am not complaining. I am just explaining the growth of Belmont and the changes in our everyday lives.

Belmont just started a School of Pharmacy and is starting a law school in 2011. I am proud to work in a place that is so progressive. During this time of thanksgiving, I am grateful to work with such quality young women at a prestigious university in a wonderful city. I am thankful for all the success we have had these last few years.

The team has been gone for Thanksgiving. Other than planting trees, Preview Day, and the Raleigh Shootout, it has been a slow time. I got a good parking spot this morning!

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