Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Alumni Weekend

April 16-18 was alumni weekend with the alumni playing the current team on April17th. I provided dinner for the alumni on Friday and lunch and dinner on Saturday. I gave out some pictures and t-shirts. Hopefully, everyone got enough to make them want to return the next time.

It was a small turn out and a young group, but it was great to have the participation. The alumni team had 3 or 4 subs, and I had coached all but one of them. It was fun to see them play together again.

The current team played against Martin Methodist on Saturday at 11:00. We won 1-0. Then we played the alumni at 3:00. The current team won 4-0. The alumni got the first shot of the game.

I appreciate the alumni who e-mailed me and updated me on their lives. It was nice to hear from so many former players. There were different updates and conflicts. There was a wedding, a wedding shower, national board exams, finals, a soccer tournament, work, pregnancy, etc. Typical alumni stuff.

It was a blast looking through old pictures, listening to old stories, and sharing new news. Jenn Rix talked about her wedding plans. Bublis talked about getting engaged. Micaela is going to Norway to play. Everyone talked about how much the team ran in the spring before I got there. My favorite story is the FAU game.

It was not supposed to be the last weekend of the spring season, but our game got rained out the next week. At least we ended on a good note with 2 wins in one day and our first full sided wins of the spring.

The most valuable thing I learned this spring is that not all of our players are good enough yet to win games. All of our players are good practice players. Our role players are good enough to make our starters better in practice, but we are not deep enough to play everyone and still win games. In the spring, it was more important to give everyone playing time than it was to win. In the fall, it will be opposite. It will be more important to win!

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