Monday, October 5, 2009

Taking Care of Business

We are 4-0 in conference – in 1st place and the only undefeated team. However, only one of the 4 teams we beat was in the A-Sun Tournament last year. This year, it is possible that more than one of the four makes it but not likely. I do think it is an accomplishment to start 4-0, and not lose a game that we “should win.” Winning the games you “should win” is one of the many challenges of a competitive conference season.

The other achievement during the latest stretch is the fact that we played and won 5 games in 11 days. Our next 6 games will be played in 17 days. That is a huge difference.

When we set our team goals, we stated that we wanted to be 4-0 heading into the game against Mercer. In my personal goals for the team, I stated that I wanted Mercer to be 4-0 as well. I thought it was time for our program to be in that kind of game with that kind of pressure. Well, unexpectedly, Mercer is 1-4. I am not sure how I feel about this. As if Mercer does not have enough motivation to beat us already, now they are one loss away from being in a must win situation to qualify for the conference tournament.

The two games this weekend at Mercer and at Kennesaw State could be the most pressure filled regular season games of my career. I doubt many teams have been as motivated to beat one of my teams as Mercer and Kennesaw will be this weekend. By upsetting both teams in the tournament last year, I am pretty sure they put a big mark by our name on their schedules.

We are expecting it, and we will be ready. I am excited to see how we respond and how we play this weekend.

Sari just got A-Sun Defensive Player of the Week. She has not given up a goal since the penalty kick to Campbell. Her goals against average is .71. She picked up her first assist in Sunday’s game on the first goal by Erica Carter. Sari’s distribution has been awesome since conference started. I also credit our entire team but especially our backs for our league leading defensive statistics.

A couple of our players picked up a stomach bug last weekend. Hopefully, we can keep it from spreading throughout the team. We don’t have the Tim Tebow transportation for sick players.

I hope to return next week with happy stories to tell.

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